Not anti-wind, pro-Responsibility...  That's the Fight.

Boone County Wind FarmWelcome to This site was created to give a voice to the many residents of Boone County Illinois, neighboring communities and others Worldwide who believe that responsibility should not be ignored.

Sadly, the Boone County Board has voted not consider the Zoning Board of Appeal's 4-1 recommendation on updating the existing setback language. Two compromises were proposed, both reached a 6-6 vote. 7 votes were needed to make a change.  

Nearly 2 years of facts regarding the negative effects of irresponsible turbine placement were presented to the ZBA. After careful consideration, a 4-1 ZBA vote proved concerns were legitimate. County Board members who voted to disregard this, mountains of evidence and the work of so many people should be asked why... 

Fair and Responsible setbacks should include the consideration of all those involved. Responsibility should not be ignored, regardless of what it means for industrial turbine placement opportunities. Expert testimony and evidence proves the need for minimum setbacks to protect health and property values. 
Boone County and others need to support this. Doings so not only protects families, but sets a standard that others can follow. -So many families are depending on proper minimum setbacks.  

A common misconception is that if you support responsibility, you are against green energy. This is not true. If responsibility means too few buildable sites, then industrial wind turbine projects should be planned in less densely populated areas. Setbacks cannot not be reduced simply to accommodate the lack of a buildable area. 

Please see the two featured videos (below) and see the Testimony page for more. Lessons can be learned through the experiences revealed here. 

NEW!: Vermilion County Il. (California Ridge Wind Farm) Residents Cry Out for help at the August Board Meeting (8/13/13). Too powerful to miss, this video summarizes many of the concerns associated with irresponsible Wind Development. Where is the accountability here??? Featured above: Hulthen Family, DeKalb Co. Il.. One of the most powerful videos available describing the effects of irresponsibility. Important note: The Industrial Turbines featured in this video are 400' tall and setback at least 1400' from primary residence.

So the natural question is...
"Why aren't more people coming forward about the negative effects of irresponsible Industrial Turbine Sitings?"

In many cases, leases, good neighbor agreements, or lawsuit settlements have clauses preventing voices from being heard.

After the settlement in Dec. of 2011, the Hulthen Family (video featured above, right) removed a daily blog of their experience of life with the wind turbines. 

Want Proof?
Here is a link to the actual blog: 
Life with Dekalb Turbines
Notice that all content is no longer available.

Possible Future Home of 523' Industrial Wind Turbines.
Live within 2 miles of these signs?If So, Property Value Loss is Proven

These signs represent the possible future home of some of the 75 to 100, 523' industrial wind turbines in Boone County, IL . read more...

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9) Boone County Failed To Support an Amendment to Setbacks (1/15/14)
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Boone County Illinois Wind Farm Turbine Lease

Live withi
2 miles of these signs? 

These signs represent possible 513' industrial wind turbine leased properties.

According to Vince Green, Mainstream Project Manager, for PHASE 1 alone, Mainstream is interested in putting up between: 
75 to 100 513' Industrial Wind Turbines!
The Major Concerns:
Without proper setbacks many families throughout the county will beimpacted as these projects are phased in. Testimony and evidence available on this website prove the need for responsible setbacks.

Only time will tell which Townships are to be included in Phase II, III and beyond be in Boone County. Setbacks matter now for all of us, not just LeRoy and Manchester Townships.

According to the legal testimony of Michael McCann, a professional real estate appraiser using approved methodology, homes within 2 miles of an Industrial Wind Turbine project will likely face 25% or greater property value loss. Those homes bordering leased properties could experience total value loss.    


Don't think Mr. McCann is an Expert?
  • Over 30 years of experience in appraisal and consulting
  • Appraised commercial, industrial and residential properties
  • State Certified General Appraiser, licensed in multiple states
  • Certified Review Appraiser (CRA)
  • Qualified & testified as expert witness in 21+ state & federal courts
  • Appointed by Federal Court as a Condemnation Commissioner
 How Big Are Possible Boone Co. Industrial Wind Turbines?
Boone County Illinois Wind Farm Diagram

New proposed height of 513
' 535' will make Boone County turbines among the tallest structures between Chicago and Minneapolis. They will be taller than the 3rd tallest building in Wisconsin and the 8th tallest building in Minnesota. Among the top 100 tallest buildings in Chicago - 75 to 100 of them in Phase I alone, right here in Boone County...
Major conce
  • Possible Industrial Turbines in Boone Co. +-492 513 535 ft. tall - can be seen for many miles around
  • Pro Wind Groups downplay negative impacts to promote irresponsible setbacks
  • Existing setbacks are only 1000' from primary structure
  • Health, Safety and Welfare are in jeopardy (see page)
  • Pilot Safety - Many RLA's in the proposed project area (see page)
  • Property values will fall greatly, especially for Non-Participating home owners (see page)
  • Promises of easy money for the County are unfounded and offset by lowered tax base from property devaluation
  • Rural residential conditions transformed into an Industrial Overlay 
  • Towers visible across Township and surrounding communities
  • LeRoy and Manchester Townships are first, but there are talks of other Phases, which Townships are next???
  • Responsibility is not the #1 Concern of some County Board Members

What Does Responsibility Mean?

What Mainstream's Boss Says...
Mainstream Renewable Power boss Eddie O’Connor LAUGHED at concerns during live debate 9/30/13 ( read story ) 

What the evidence Says...
1) Safety for our Families.
Turbine manufacturers recommend their own workers stay further away from turbines than Boone County has set as minimum setback from our residences, let alone property lines where our children play and we enjoy our homesteads. Additionally, many studies are now showing the adverse effects of shadow flicker, infrasound, mechanical failure and other risks. At no time, should non-participating residents be subjected to this, in our homes or anywhere on our property.

2) Minimization of Property Value Loss.
If projects are sited too close to non-participating homes, property values can be greatly effected (as demonstrated to the County). Property value loss would be devastating to home owners and the County because of the reduced tax base.

3) Being a Good Neighbor.
On many levels good neighborship needs to be remembered. Not just for adjacent land owners, but setbacks should give consideration to neighboring municipalities, as well as adjoining Counties and States. As Boone County is seeing, neighbors are already at odds with each other. Unless responsible setbacks are created, relationships could be damaged beyond repair.

: Vermilion County Illinois - California Ridge Project

See the heart breaking result of improper distance, noise and property value setbacks. Each week we receive copies of actual letters from residents, written out of desperation to the Wind Company and County looking for help.  GO TO PAGE

Here is a full list of questions that can help define responsibility. This list is what county board members, voting officials and home/land owners should be asking. 
Click to See List of Questions for Developers

About The Website Creator:

This website was created to help voice my growing concern of the proposed Industrial Wind Turbine Development in Manchester and LeRoy Townships, Boone County, IL.  I am also speaking for many other home owners in our beautiful community who are just as worried. I feel it is important to know that I am NOT against renewable energy. I am also not part of a pro-wind or anti-wind group. I am simply a resident advocating for responsibility based on the facts presented to the Board and those available through a quickly growing community of experts (some of which is available through this site). I am deeply concerned for my family's well-being, the investment we have in our home and our way of life.

Testimony has been submitted by Pipeline Experts, Real-estate appraisers, Doctors, Property Owners, Residents from surrounding Villages, Pilots, impacted residents from other developments and Emergency Personnel. All of whom have come before the County under oath to provide the proof needed to warrant responsibility.

Boone County still has a chance to stand as a benchmark for responsible setbacks and as a model for other Counties around the Country who are faced with the same situation we are today.

My Hope:

This website is designed to express the real fears and concerns that literally keep many community residents up at night. The goal is to provide the information that County Board members need, to make an educated decision to protect the citizens of our community.

Each night I pray that the County will have the strength to do what is right.

Please protect us and save our homes

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